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Uses of Bat Guano

Bat guano is a suitable fertilizer for plants and lawns, making them healthy and green. It can be used as a natural fungicide and also controls nematodes in the soil.

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Filled with a multitude of macro and micronutrients, it is effective when it comes to improving the health, quality and growth of plants.

Creating Healthy Plants

100% safe and natural organic fertilizer

Bat guano, with its nutrient-rich, natural and environmentally friendly entities, can be the best commercial organic fertilizer product for your soil and plant nutrition needs.

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orguanic bat guano fertilizer
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Produced especially for leaf crops, the highly optimized nitrogen composition of Guanoferti-N stimulates the vegetative growth of the plant.



Created to help everyone grow sustainable organic crops, the Orguanic™ is an ideal solution that provides essential nutrients suitable for any crop.



Guanoferti-K (K for Potassium) is a powerful organoleptic enhancer, completely organic, for a spectacular result in your fruit.



Enriched with organic matter to maintain soil fertility over the long term, and supply maximum productivity.

castor cake


Fertilizer of plant origin with a repellent effect on soil pests.

cacao shell


Highly effective organic garden mulch and soil conditioner.

orguanic bat guano fertilizer


Organic Fertilizer

Bat Guano natural fertilizer.

As a fertilizer, bat manure can be used as a dressing, incorporated into the soil, or converted into tea and used in conjunction with regular watering practices. Bat guano can be used fresh or dried. This fertilizer is usually applied at lower rates than other fertilizers.



What is Bat Guano?

The word guano is a generic name for bird or bat feces that can be 1 minute or 1 million years old. Bats do not need much introduction, they play an important role in the ecosystems of their habitats. They control insect populations and help pollinate various plants.



Bat Guano and Cannabis

Although it is mainly used as a macronutrient fertilizer, bat guano is also excellent with cannabis because it contains suitable micronutrients that become readily available when they decompose in the soil.

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